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Lisa Kiehn brings over 25 yrs experience to her role as an alternative healing arts practitioner. She began her training as a student homebirth midwife, women’s health advocate, and women’s spirituality in 1994. These beloved studies spurred on a passion to explore various alternative healing modalities, philosophies, astrology, shamanism, and sociology. She thrived as a massage therapist and intuitive practitioner for over two decades in Northern California before relocating to Oregon in 2019. Lisa’s desire and belief in the human bodies ability to heal, ultimately lead her to attend the California College of Ayurveda in 2019, and live her dream to become a Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist. She considers herself a lifelong student, with interest in the Esoteric Spirituality, Music, and Physical Cosmology. In October of 2022, Serendipitie Healing Arts she and her family will be opening their doors to the greater community of Southern Oregon. Please come and enjoy our offerings and events.

Ayurvedic Body Therapies and Health Consultations

Ayurvedic Health counseling focuses on addressing common health imbalances, such as allergies, digestive disorders, healthy weight management, stress and fatigue, arthritis, skin disorders, reproductive health, and common nervous system disorders.  

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Intuitive Counseling &
Energy Healing Session

“Lisa Kiehn has been a multi-sensory intuitive since childhood. Her abilities to “see” and “hear” through the veils began by the time she was 7 rs old. These states would often begin while spending time alone outside in nature, under the lilting rays of sunlight in her backyard.
She has carried these abilities forward with her throughout her life, grateful for the understanding that we are never alone on this journey, but rather fully supported by an entourage of divine and earthly support. Lisa is a Reiki with Angel’s Practitioner and psychic communicator. She works in accordance with the Divine Teams of Light to provide profound healing and personal growth for her clients.”

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Alchemic Temple Healing Sessions

“Enter the Alchemic Temple…
Your body is the sacred vehicle of your earthly incarnation...”
Experience the ancient rites known as the “kiss of Spirit” by a anointing Temple Priestess, through this ceremony of Alchemy.”
During your session you will experience the awakening of the bodies multidimensional Temple Gates as understood by the ancient Egyptian Priestesses. With the use of uniquely created Temple oils by Daina Dubrow, the anointed will receive a symphony of light activation's and remembrances that can only occur through this sacred offering. 

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