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Welcome to your path of healing!

Your body is your greatest ally in this life. 

Come and explore your personal potential for your greatest expression of health, balance, and vitality through the ancient traditional sciences of Ayurveda, Ayurvedic body therapies, and Pranic energy healing.

Lisa has been a Ayurvedic body therapist since 2006 and combines her Clinical Ayurvedic knowledge to your care with skill and devotion.

Or you may wish to….

Transform through the powerful experience of an Alchemic Temple Healing Session. These profound anointing sessions are appropriate as a rite of passage, blessing or healing to assist you in a time of transformation. They may also be performed to assist one through periods of grief or at the end stages of life. While working with sacred oils, crystals and sound therapy, the body awakens to become anchored into it’s next highest octaves.

Experience healing…!

Experience unlimited potential through a Reiki with Angels healing session. Align, Connect, Expand, with the A Team!